Helping Single Mothers

Single mothers inspire us with their resilience and determination! Did you know that approximately one-quarter of children in the US live in single-parent households? Single parents carry the weight of having to provide for their families by themselves and they often carry a social stigma too!

We want to provide support to single mothers in our community through our support of AGLOW-Matteson. AGLOW provides direct support to single mothers through networking groups, encouragement, and access helpful information and resources to single moms and their children in the local area through speakers and many events.

With this campaign, we hope to raise awareness of the many struggles faced by single moms and to empower these resilient women to carry on and build strong support systems that will guide them and their families towards a more prosperous future. We invite you to take action with us and invest in the hard-working mothers of our community!

With our agency, giving back is easier than you think!

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