Safeguarding Single-Mom Families

Meet 14-year old, Alice. Alice’s mom works two shifts, the first as a bus driver and in the evenings she works the register at a nearby pharmacy. On weekdays, Alice barely gets to see her mom so they like to spend quality time together on Sunday afternoons.

Alice takes the school bus and walks a couple of blocks to and from her house by herself. She’s a smart girl and she’s not the only one whose parents work multiple shifts to keep up with the bills. Many children and teens right here in our community stay at home after school with little to no adult supervision. As active stakeholders of our town, we believe it is so important for us to invest in empowering these families today and arm them with the necessary tools to become successful overachievers of tomorrow!

Statistics indicate that children who grow up in single-parent or non-traditional homes are at higher risk of having low academic skills, being bullied at school, and getting involved in violent behaviors. We invite you to take an active role with us to safeguard families in our area. Support raised from this campaign will go towards AGLOW Amtteson Single Moms!

Getting involved has never been so simple, or Free!

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