Boat Insurance

Watercraft Insurance

Boat or watercraft insurance is for motorized water vehicles. The coverage extends to sailboats, jet skis, pleasure craft, pontoon boats, yachts, and fishing boats. This kind of policy would not cover any boats that necessitate manual paddling- examples being canoes, kayaks, rafts, etc. These kinds of policies all provide basically the same basic coverage; however there are optional coverage choices available as well.
If the covered individual has an accident with a resulting loss, then additional insurance coverage can give him or her additional protection above the normal parameters. Examples of specialized coverage would be having the boat towed due to an emergency situation or for having the remnants of a wrecked craft removed from the site of the accident. Should such a scenario befall a policyholder, this kind of specialized boat insurance can save substantial dollars.
Owner of watercraft could also very well benefit from a form of specialized coverage that covers the total replacement of a lost boat with a new one. This option is meant for boats that are newly purchased (up to one model year old). For boats that are older, coverage is determined by the actual appraised value of the boat. Should the policyholder have physical damage coverage, anytime there is wreckage to be removed the insurance company is then obliged to help pay for the disposal of it. There is also roadside assistance coverage offered that can pay for the costs of towing should the boat owner require it.
These examples of helpful specialized coverage are optional and not a mandatory step in the purchase of boat insurance. Those who might be interested in such coverage are encouraged to seek help from a qualified insurance agent. Policy options can then be discussed in comprehensive detail.